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Welcome to the domain of the harmonious coexistence of the 3 elements which represent stability, mobility and power : earth, water and fire.

Earth-Prithvi: the force that brings you down to earth and stabilizes you, that which supplies structure and support. Mother of all elements and positions.

Water-Apas: the wet phase of matter: it acts as a carrier of life-giving energy and as a factor of change and mobility.

Fire- Agni: the energy of metamorphosis. The exchange of energy, the transformation of matter from one phase into another are all manifestations of fire.

Through personal experience, knowledge, love and commitment, we have come to know that human existence can evolve in a unique way. Human spititual life and development can be ideally compared to that of the lotus plant. The lotus is sprung in muddy ground  (ignorance), grows in water (spiritual development), gets high enough to be bathed in the sunlight (power). In the same way, human awareness climbs from the lowest to the highest levels.

We firmliy believe that exercise and a proper diet could contribute to our psychosomatic health and through these pages would like to share our love for what we do as well as our knowledge with all of you for the unique journey of life.  


22-24 Νοέμβρη Retreat Άνω Διακοπτό - Τετράμυθος




The history of yoga is long and so old that it intermigles with tradition and goes back 5.000years into the past. It was conceived in India and found for the first time in written form at a drilling facility at Vada, in one of the holy scrippts used by the vodic priests.



Muscles of the Abdomen

Abdominal muscles are divided into anterior,posterior and lateral abdominal muscles. 

  • Anterior abdominalmuscle is the rectus abdominis.
  • Posterior abdominal muscle is the anadratus lumborum.
  • Lateral abdominal muscles are the external and internal oblique muscles and the tranversus abdominis.